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Developing your designs for a new collection involves 3 main components. When starting a collection, new designers need to consider their color story, design functionality, technical package, and garment patterns. Here’s the breakdown of each step in the design development process:


The Color Story

Generating a color story is very important. Your scheme could be monochromatic or complimentary, but no matter what story you choose, they must go well together.Some designers select an image, or series of images, to display their color story. Others use forecasting services which offer a variety of different color swatches, silhouette, and textile forecasts.


Design Illustration and Silhouette

Customer satisfaction and functionality plays a big role in designing a garment. The designer and product developer have to take into consideration what their customer desires in a specific garment.By balancing function with design, you create a garment that fits brand desires with customer wants and needs.

Technical Design and Tech Packs

The world of design is never as easy and glamorous as it looks. From demographic and trend research, finding your brand’s voice, and narrowing down your collection the entire process can get a bit overwhelming. But, one of the most important pieces of the development puzzle is the Technical Design. Though many people do not know about this process, developing the technical sketch and technical package is essential to move onto Production.


We have a creative team which continuously create new trouser designs


Desgin Illustrations are worked our on garment


The illustrated designs are made sample ready and put for production. We have an inhouse production team.


We deliver the manufactured goods to retailers across India

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